How It Works

Listen for Triggers

Listen for social media actions like keywords, hashtags, shares, likes, geo-posts, check-ins, urls and more.

Reply Instantly

Automatic replies from your brand with copy and content to collect consumer shipping info, or deliver experiences, rewards, and content.

Deliver The Goods

We'll deliver physical items to fans in hours. Our street team can also supply branded experiences. Digital items and experiences delivered instantly.

Apply Rules

Set rules for geofencing, image recognition, language, frequency, influence, content, and more.

Collect Shipping

If delivering a physical item, consumers will give their shipping info, any other data you want to collect, just by replying conversationally.

Analytics & CRM

Measure campaign reach and impressions. Filter, sort, and export consumer data. Find your most valuable fans and consumers.

Select Case Studies


OREO launched a product social sampling campaign by featuring an #actiontag on TV during the Grammys.

Earned Media
5,000 tweets per hour, catapulting the campaign to become a nationally-trending Twitter topic.

Increased Followers
@Oreo gained 15k new followers in 12 hours – they normally average 1K in a day.


#SendMeOreo accounted for 5.3% of the total Grammy impressions on Twitter.

Delivered 20,000 boxes to engaged social customers. (Oreo limited the quantity to 20K).

Avocados From Mexico

Avocados From Mexico activated a Super Bowl commercial to deliver an experience to engaged viewers.

Billions of Impressions
Over 3 Billion (with a B) organic impressions driven from people posting from the Super Bowl commercial.

Media Coverage
AFM was lauded by the media for their Super Bowl win, becoming the largest digital campaign during the Super Bowl.

According to Kevin Hamilton, director of brand marketing for Avocados From Mexico in an interview with AdWeek, “This campaign will be ‘one of the biggest and certainly one of the more integrated runs that we’ve had.’” That integration will pivot around Chirpify’s engagement loyalty platform as “Chirpify is critical to drive the user journey” says Ivonne Kinser, director digital strategy & innovation with the group.


Marriott used us to deliver free concert tickets to people that were at SXSW talking about concerts.

Earned Media
42.8 million Twitter impressions and over 2,055 mentions, from a single event!

Geotargetted Surprise and Delight
Our platform geofenced SXSW to ensure people were at the event.

Delivering delight in the moment at an event instantly made fans go crazy over the campaign, sharing photos back to social tagging Marriott.


Secret used Delight Delivered for a social sampling campaign, getting their new Secret Clinical Strength deodorant into the hands of busy, social moms.

Earned Media
Created over 400K earned media impressions reaching reached over 380k accounts.

Increased Followers
@Secret gained 5k new followers in 24 hours.

Delivered over 60k product samples instantly to happy fans.

General Mills

General Mills uses Delight Delivered to sample cereal & drive social loyalty.

Earned Media
Earned 2.3k retweets on a single Tweet.

Increased Followers
Increased follower count by 12%.

Delivered 30,000 packages of cereal in 8 hours.


Delight Delivered is a product of Chirpify, a platform that enables brands to listen, respond, and reward consumers for any activity.

As such, Delight Delivered is backed by a proven, scalable, and secure platform that has delivered billions of rewards to millions of consumers for thousands of enterprise brands.

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